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Program facturare gratuit

 (adaugat 19.01.2011)

V-ati dorit un program de facturare usor de utilizat si gratuit? Acum il aveti....
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NFS AquaBulb01

 (adaugat 25.03.2010)

NFS AquaBulb01, NFS AquaBulb01 is a beautiful screensaver that will light up your desktop.
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Exchange Manipulator

 (adaugat 25.03.2010)

Exchange Manipulator, The Exchange Manipulator is the first plug-in that provides bidirectional data exchange between FileMaker Pro and Microsoft Exchange folders via Microsoft Outlook.
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Koopa 2000

 (adaugat 25.03.2010)

Koopa 2000, Koopa is an easy to use Cobol parser generator designed with a plan for growth. It is able to handle Cobol source files in isolation (no preprocessing required) and accepts CICS/SQL fragments.
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Garden Organizer Deluxe

 (adaugat 20.03.2010)

Garden Organizer Deluxe, Garden Organizer Deluxe is a gardening software that allows you to organize and manage all garden related data. In addition, the beginner users will surely appreciate Garden Organizer's friendly interface and intuitive tools that make it easy to config...
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Movie Organizer Deluxe

 (adaugat 20.03.2010)

Movie Organizer Deluxe, Movie Organizer Deluxe will help you manage and easily organize all your movie collections. Our software allows book collectors, hobbyists, book clubs, small private or public libraries to organize, manage, and catalog DVDs, VHS tapes, laser discs, and ...
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Star System Simulator

 (adaugat 09.03.2010)

Star System Simulator, The Star System Simulator application was designed to be a small tool that can perform 3D simulations of planetary positions using Euler-Cromer and Runge-Kutta (4th order) methods. The results are displayed on a 3D scatter plot and are exportable to a lo...
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 (adaugat 09.03.2010)

AniWeather, AniWeather is a Firefox extension that will display weather information for user-defined locations around the world.
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Photo Printer

 (adaugat 09.03.2010)

Photo Printer, Photo Printer is a program designed to help you with print and edit pictures.
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Symbian SMS Manager

 (adaugat 06.03.2010)

Symbian SMS Manager, Symbian SMS Manager download
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